Presenting at GAllatin High School (In-person)

Yes, the classrooms are not equipped with desktop computers. Presenters will need to bring laptop for presenting.  

Yes,  WIFI internet will be available during the conference for presenters at the conference.

Yes, you should bring cables to connect to projectors in the classroom. 

Ports in classrooms are HDMI (1), USB-B (1), and USB-A (2).

The maximum file size for files is 30mb.

Each session is limited to 3 handouts.

Presentation documents can be uploaded in the presentation submission form prior to June 17th. 

MFPE pays $30 per 50 minutes of presenting.

As a presenter only there is no registration fee. 

You may test in your assigned room on Wednesday night. There may be open time in the room before your session that you could test.  

Student volunteers will be available throughout the conference to assist with carrying your supplies. 

Presenting virtually (Video on Demand)

Videos should be 40 to 50 minutes in length. Unless you submitted a session that will be longer.  



Please, provide your video by September 16th.

We will be hosting a limited number of Zoom sessions.  

Zoom sessions are not available for onsite presentations.  

No, we would like to have a new video uploaded this year.  

Contact Jami at

MFPE pays $30 per 50 minutes of presenting.

As a presenter only there is not fee to register.